Aldi Wednesday Special Buys 9 September 2015.2l High Performance Blender


Current best Aldi Wednesday Special Buys: $139 2l High Performance Blender; $129 Slow Juicer; $269 Die Cast Stand Mixer; $69.99 Electric Pressure Cooker; $26.99 Smoothie Maker; $47.99 4 Blade Stick Mixer; $59.99 Digital Glass Kettle; $349 Replica Eames Lounge Chair With Ottoman; $59.99 Canvas Wall Art - Breakfast At Tiffany's; $69.99 Dakota … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 5 September 2015. Pet Bed Elevated


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys: $19.99 Pet Bed Elevated; $69.99 Cat Scratching Post; $19.99 Deshedding Brush; $9.99 Dog Retractable Lead Or Rope Lead; $7.99 Exelpet All Wormer For Pets; $14.99 Schmackos Straps 1kg; $2.99 Tonix Floor Cleaner 750ml; $2.99 Tonix Glass Cleaner 500ml; $2.99 Tonix Multi Purpose Cleaner 500ml; $2.99 Tonix … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 29 August 2015. Father’s Day Gifts


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys:  $249 Black Pearl Kettle Bbq With Pizza Ring; $199 Home Gas Smoker; $199 Large Spit Roaster And Bbq; $19.99 Digital Bbq Thermometer; $9.99 Charcoal Starter; $1.99 Fire Lighters 36pk; $19.99 Bbq Pizza Ki; $89.99 Boat Cover; $99.99 Full Colour Led Lighting Kit; $49.99 Inflatable Pfd Adult; $19.99 Fishing Knife … [Read more...]

Aldi Wednesday Special Buys 26 August 2015.Car Entertainment System


Latest best Aldi Wednesday Special deals: $299 Car Entertainment System; $8.99 Assorted Tablet And Phone Car Accessories; $19.99 Bluetooth Hands-Free Speaker Kit Or Hands-Free Earpiece; $64.99 Portable 9" Dvd Player; $79.99 4.3" Gps System; $59.99 Deckless Car Stereo With Bluetooth; $19.99 Men’s Multipurpose Grooming Kit; $16.99 24pc Hair Clipper … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 22 August 2015.Savannah 4wd Awning


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys: $169 Savannah 4wd Awning ; $39.99 4pc Car Seat Cover Sets With Floor Mats; $79.99 Roof Racks Or Roof Tray; $29.99 Aluminium Anchor Tracking; $19.99 Auto Ratchet Tie Down; $19.99  4wd Floor Mats 4pk; $39.99 4wd Recovery Items; $399 12,000lbs Electric Winch; $69.99 King Size Sleeping Bag; $19.99 Emergency Tyre … [Read more...]

Aldi Wednesday Special Buys 19 August 2015.Ladies Retro Bike


Latest best Aldi Wednesday Special deals: $199 Ladies Retro Bike; $199 Men's Retro Bike; $8.99 Spoke Reflectors; $29.99 Canvas Pannier Bag; $24.99 Urban Helmet; $9.99 Urban Silicone Bike Lock; $19.99 Led Micro Lights; $2.99 Peppa Pig Activity Books; $2.99 Kate Toms Picture Books; $3.99 Children’s Picture Books; $3.99 Where’s Wally Books; $4.99 … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 15 August 2015. Massage Table


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys:  $129 Massage Table; $6.99 Yoga Mat or Black; $9.99 Anatomy of Fitness Books; $6.99 Drink Bottle with Ice Stick; $24.99 Memory Foam Support Cushion Assortment; $29.99 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor; $59.99 Foot Massager; $129 Massage Table; $8.99 Mechanical Bathroom Scale; $179 Boxing Tower combo; $49.99 … [Read more...]

Aldi Wednesday Special Buys 12 August 2015.Tin Storage Canisters


Latest best Aldi Wednesday Special deals: $7.99 Tin Storage Canisters; $12.99 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls 5pc; $14.99 Benchtop Composter; $29.99 Stainless Steel Frypan 30cm; $7.99 Sieve Set 3pc; $2.99 Kitchen Utensils And Gadgets; $4.99 Grill And Oven Tray; $2.99 Pizza Or Chip Tray; $8.99 Cutlery Set 24pc; $12.9 9multi Dicer Or Mandolin Slicer; … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 8 August 2015. Men’s Motorcycle Jacket


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys: $139 Men’s Motorcycle Jacket; $99 Men’s Motorcycle Trousers; $79.99 En 13595 Certified Men’s Motorcycle Denim Jeans; $24.99 Motorcycle Midlayer Top; $29.99 Motorcycle Cover; $9.99 Motorcycle Balaclava, Face Mask Or Neck Wrap; $34.99 Carbon Knuckle Leather Motorcycle Gloves; $89.99 Motorcycle Boots; $59.99 … [Read more...]

Aldi Wednesday Special Buys 5 August 2015. Bath Towel


Latest best Aldi Wednesday Special deals: $8.99 Bath Towel; $4.99 Terry Bath Mat; $29.99 Laundry Hamper; $14.99 Acrylic Toilet Brush Holder; $7.99 Acrylic Soap Dispenser Or Tumbler; $6.99 Face Washer 4pk; $14.99 Luxury Mosaic Cotton Bath Mat; $49.99 Acrylic Shower Caddy; $2.99 Suction Bathroom Accessories; $1.99 Original Source Shower Gel 250ml; … [Read more...]

Aldi Saturday Special Buys 1 August 2015. Home Projects


Current best Aldi Saturday Special Buys: $29.99 Assorted Power Tools; $229 Garage Workbench; $169 Garage Rolling Cabinet; $169 Rolling Tool Chest; $29.99 150W Bench Grinder; $29.99 650W Jigsaw; $29.99 200W Detail Sander; $7.99 Hacksaw 3 in 1; $4.99 Assorted Angle Bracklet Sets; $7.99 Assorted Angle Grinder Asscessories; $7.99 Cutting and Grinding … [Read more...]

Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Company, oHG, doing business as About this sound Aldi, short for Albrecht Discount), is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany.

Internationally, Aldi Nord operates in Denmark, France, the Benelux countries, the Iberian Peninsula, and Poland, while Aldi Sud operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, and Slovenia. Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd also operate in the United States; Aldi Nord is owner of the Trader Joe’s chain while Aldi Süd operates as Aldi.

In much of Australia, Aldi filled a void in the discount supermarket business that arose when the discount grocery chain Franklins, in 2002, became limited to New South Wales. On 17 December 2008, Aldi opened its 200th Australian store; its supermarkets are in Victoria, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and Queensland.

Aldi mainly sells exclusively produced, custom-branded products (often identical to and produced by major brands) with brand names including “Grandessa” and “Fit & Active”. USA, Australian, and UK Aldi stores also feature bargain-priced, gourmet foods imported from Germany.


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