Costco Catalogue 14 – 30 August 2015. Dodoni Greek Feta

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Latest Costco online specials valid 14/08 - 30/08/2015: $4 off Dodoni Greek Feta; $3 off Philips Salt & Pepper Calamari; $2 off Katoomba Roti 30 pieces and/or Punjabi Samosa 25 pieces; $3.50 Golden Island Korean Barbecue Pork Jerky; $1 off Grove Only Fresh Orange Juice; $6 off Apple iTunes $50 Card; $70 off Bose Solo 10 TV Sound System; $20 off … [Read more...]

Costco Catalogue 31 July – 16 August 2015. For Baby and Toddler


Best Costco coupons valid 31/07 – 16/08/2015: $30 Off Uniden Baby Monitor Portable 4.3" screen with App for remote viewing; $1 Off The Wiggles My First Library; $1 Off Slide and Learn Flashcards Assorted Titles; $5 Off Little Miracles Patchwork Pals Reversible Applique Baby Blanket; $1 Off Bepanthen Ointment; $2.50 Off Johnson & Johnson … [Read more...]

Costco Catalogue 3 – 19 July 2015. Sony Bravia LED 40″ Full HDTV

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Best Costco coupons valid 03/07 - 19/07/2015: $100 off Sony Bravia LED 40" Full HDTV with WiFi; $10 off TDK Trek Weather Resistant Portable Bluetooth Speakers; $60 off PlayStation 4 500GB Console with Bloodborne Game; up to $100 off Michelin Tyres, set of 4; $80 off Vitamix Aspire Blender; $70 off KitchenAid KPM5 Stand Mixer; $50 off Kirkland … [Read more...]

Costco Catalogue 19 June – 5 July, 2015. Shanghai Streets Soup Dumplings


Latest Costco online specials valid 19/06 - 05/07/2015: $3 Off Shanghai Streets Soup Dumplings; $2.50 Off Quiche Fetta and Rocket and/or Goat Cheese and Caramelised Onion; $1 Off Hans American Hot Dog; $14.99 Whole 18" Food Court Pizza & 1.25L Pepsi Max Combo Choose from Combo, Five Cheese, BBQ Chicken; $4 Off Kirkland Signature Boneless Lamb … [Read more...]

Costco Catalogue 9 – 24 May 2015. Jumbo Toilet Roll

Costco catalogue Australia

Latest Costco online specials valid 9/05 - 24/05/2015: $7 off Mars Bar 48x53g and/or Snickers Bar 48x50g; $2 off Mars Variety Box 13 packs, 639g; $2 off M&M's Milk Chocolate Bag 12x49g and/or Peanut Bag 12x46g; $3.50 Smith's Crinkle Cut Original 18x45g; $4 off Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream 18x45g; $4 off York Chocolate Peppermint … [Read more...]

Costco Easter Catalogue until 12 April 2015. SentrySafe Digital Safe


Latest Costco Australia specials valid 28/03 - 12/04/2015 - Easter sale: $60 Off SentrySafe Digital Safe; $70 Off Michelin Tyres-set of 4; $40 Off Bose Soundlink II Portable Bluetooth Speaker; $60 Off Samsung Galaxy S5 White Unlocked Water Resistant 4G Android Smart Phone; $2 Off Apple iTunes $50 Card; $5 Off Life Comfort Luxurious Sherpa Throw; … [Read more...]

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise. As of July 2012, it is the second largest retailer in the United States, the seventh largest retailer in the world and the largest membership warehouse club chain in the United States.
Costco is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, United States and was founded in 1976 in San Diego, CA with its first warehouse in Seattle. Today Costco has a total of 626 locations in the United Kingdom (23), Australia (3), Canada (85), Mexico (33), Taiwan (9), South Korea (9), Japan (15), and the United States (449).

Costco focuses on selling products at low prices, often at very high volume. These goods are usually bulk-packaged and marketed primarily to large families and businesses. Furthermore, Costco does not carry multiple brands or varieties where the item is essentially the same except when it has a house brand to sell, typically under the Kirkland Signature label. This results in a high volume of sales from a single vendor, allowing further reductions in price, and reducing marketing costs. If Costco management feels the wholesale price of a product is too high, they will refuse to stock the product. For example, on November 16, 2009, Costco announced that it would stop selling Coca-Cola products because the soft-drink maker refused to lower its wholesale prices. Costco resumed selling Coca-Cola products on December 14, 2009. Costco also saves money by not stocking extra bags or packing materials; to carry out their goods, customers must bring their own bags or use the merchandise shipping boxes from the company’s outside vendors.

Lighting costs are reduced on sunny days, as most Costco locations have several skylights. During the day, electronic light meters measure how much light is coming in the skylights and turn off an appropriate percentage of the interior lights. During a typical sunny day, it is very common for the center section of the warehouse to have no interior lights powered on.

Most products are delivered to the warehouse on shipping pallets and these pallets are used to display products for sale on the warehouse floor. This contrasts with retail stores that break down pallets and stock individual products on shelves. Costco limits its price markup on items to 15%.


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