The Good Guys is a chain of consumer electronics retail stores in Australia and New Zealand. It is based in the Melbourne suburb of Airport West, Victoria. It was founded by Ian Muir and following his death in 2009 ownership of the chain remains with the Muir family.

Ian Muir began retailing electrical goods in the Melbourne suburb of Essendon in 1952. Initial growth was slow, with 14 stores across Victoria and Queensland trading under the brand name Mighty Muir by 1992, when Ian and son Andrew renamed the chain of stores “The Good Guys”. A strong advertising campaign in 1998 resulted in increased sales, driving rapid expansion of stores across the country. By 2009, the chain had grown to 89 stores across Australia. In 2012, there were 97 stores in Australia and 5 in Auckland New Zealand.

Good Guys stores mainly operate as joint venture partnerships between individual store proprietors and the Muir family, although about 40% of the group is corporately owned. The JV model has proven successful and operates such that store proprietors own half the store operation and operate it as their own business. The Good Guys stores are generally large warehouse type stores and rely on volume of sales, often negotiating sale of products for much less than the recommended retail prices as part of their ‘Pay Less Pay Cash’ catchline.


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